Legislative Reference Bureau

Web Design, Information Architecture, & Development

At the end of 2019 my team at HIC completed work on two websites designed and built concurrently: the State of Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) website and Public Access Room (PAR) website. These are websites used by the Hawaii State Legislature to house hundreds of documents and make them accessible to legislators, the media, and the public.

A big task & a good team

When we started work on this project we were given a huge file dump of a 15 year-old, hand-coded, website that at one point probably made sense to the person who created it. Our goal was to find, name, categorize, and organize the hundred of documents and publications hidden in the deep recesses of the sometimes up to seven or so nest file folders. I might be exaggerating a bit… the point is that it seemed pretty daunting at first.

Come to find out, a WordPress relational database and taxonomy expert (myself), a project manager with an iron will and the stamina to match (my partner), and a librarian with a Masters in Library Science (the client) make a pretty good team for tackling this kind of work. Together we were able to make the hundreds of documents easily accessible to anyone who needs to use them.

Art & Design in Government

The LRB and PAR websites were the final two projects I worked on with HIC and I think they came out great. All parties involved were happy with the outcome. All of the page headers and the homepage feature the original work of my friend and  talented photographer, Corey Rothwell.

Web Design

The LRB website features the publications mentioned previously and a lot of other information pages organized into a relatively shallow navigation structure. The LRB logo is in the original retro style of the cover pages of the publications. The homepage background image is a photo of the Hawaii Session Laws volumes, of which the library had walls of.

The PAR site uses almost the same exact theme but we changed up the color scheme. This site features an action driven navigation that acts as a learning tool for the public to engage with the legislature. The homepage background image is a photo of the Public Access Room entrance, doors open, welcoming the public.