Data Visualization

Hawaii’s Foreign-Trade Zone #9 was a client of mine while working for HIC and after I left. Together we created some very cool stuff that helped them show off their capabilities.

This project was completed in 2017 while working for HIC. I was tasked with redesigning the homepage for FTZ9. The client wanted to evoke an emotional response from their users while showing FTZ9’s impact on the State of Hawaii. They gave us some trade data to work with and pretty much free-reign on creativity. What I came up with was a homepage redesign that included an artistic data visualization.

I created the data visualization by plotting the trade locations in Google Earth, drawing color-coded lines (signifying imports and exports), and painting an overlay, all using KML. I then created a video by “touring” the locations with the most imports and exports. The final movie tells the story of a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that has many, far-reaching trade partners across the literal globe.

As for the rest of the homepage redesign, my team and I analyzed site analytics, usage patterns, and conducted interviews with stakeholders. When rebuilding the page, we were able to surface the most requested information as well as eliminate content that was out of date. The end result is a webpage that tells a story, is data driven, easy to navigate, and will serve FTZ9’s users well.

At the beginning of 2020, FTZ9 asked me to create an infographic for them to show their business impact data. The goal, simply put, was to make an impact and to show foreign-trade zone administrators and decision makers from other states the numbers that Hawaii has achieved. After several rounds of design meetings, discovery, and implementation we decided on this final design.

I delivered to them a couple versions of the infographic: A highly-accessible, tagged PDF document that made it possible for people with disabilities such as blindness to read it, and a printable version with proper bleed marks and accurate coloring.