My name is Christopher Cosner. I’m a creative person working in information technology.

I built my first professional website in 2008. Since then I’ve worked as a designer and web developer building hundreds of websites and creating countless brands and logos.

Creativity drives me. I’m always curious, a bit of a compulsive problem solver, a good listener, and a fierce user advocate. I’m a coder, artist, system thinker, and leader. I enjoy collaborating with teams and helping to bring out other’s strengths. I’ve worked with clients in government, higher education, and small businesses. I love learning about new businesses and industries, new design trends, and… I just love what I do.

When I was young I spent hours making art — drawing cities, monsters, and cartoon characters, and building little spaceships and houses out of whatever materials I could get my hands on. As an adult, I spend hours coding and designing — building websites and apps, solving problems, and making art that helps me find meaning in the world.

Over my career I’ve learned to ask the right questions, in the right way, to figure out what problems clients are trying to solve, and I’ve seen how design helps us solve those problems and tell their stories.

Design starts with and thrives on conversations and I want everyone involved in them to feel engaged, useful, and productive. Sometimes the process is organized and prescribed; sometimes it’s improvisational. Sometimes the subject is serious; sometimes it’s light-hearted. But when I lead the conversations, everyone is engaged and we usually have fun.

This portfolio is both professional and personal, exhibition and memoire. I showcase my best work and share insights I’ve learned along the way. It’s constantly evolving, growing, and changing as am I.