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I just really like how this turned out.

I designed and built this site with my good friend, mentor, and rock superstar, Roger Deering. We completed it way back in the year of our lord, 2010. Yes, this site is been around for years and its creative fidelity is still top notch.

The background was inspired by the artwork of René Magritte and his painting, Golconda (1953). The painting depicts a man in a bowler hat in a semi-random step-repeated pattern appearing to be floating. The meaning of the original painting isn’t entirely clear but it’s thought to portray not a man, but just the image of a man (typical Magritte), so therefore the man didn’t need to follow the rules and could float as much as he fucking wants. Magritte is SO punk rock. Naturally, I replaced the bowler hat man with Roger in a power pose, wielding his Signature Flying V guitar.

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A poster I made for a SMASH Fashion show.