Hana Hou Campers &
The Vintage Aloha Photo Bus

Web Design

This double website and branding project I completed in 2015 for a couple of friends and small-business entrepreneurs. I helped them take their converted 1970’s VW bus businesses to the next level by creating beautifully fitting branding and user friendly websites.

Branding with Aloha

When my friends, Stacey and Brent, approached me and ask me if I could help them promote their two businesses involving 1970’s VW Busses, I thought to myself, “far out, dude“. I said yes, and we got to work shaping their brands.

One business was a VW Bus turned into a photo booth they rented out for weddings and special social events. The other was a VW bus turned into a camper they rented out to tourists and folks maybe just wanting to get away for a bit.

The logos needed to exude a welcoming, authentically vintage, Hawaii feel… they needed a little aloha… actually, they needed a big ALOHA.

Around the time we started work on the the Hanahou Campers website, property rental websites like Airbnb were really taking off and we want jump on this and show our audience just how unique an experience renting a camper in Hawaii could be compared to the alternatives.

Imagine leisurely driving to your destination in the evening and the next morning waking up to the ocean at your doorstep. This is what we needed to portray so the people looking to rent the camper got a taste of the unique experience and so they could better imagine themselves there.

I built them two, single-page-layout sites using a customized child theme of Illdy for WordPress. The single page was perfect for telling the story of the busses and what they could offer. At the end of the page is the main contact form — a very simple design and a perfect fit for their needs.

2015 was a big year for video backgrounds on websites. Flash was on its way out and HTML 5 Video was starting to be fully supported. All of the major sources for web design trends had something featuring video background or multimedia concepts on their front page.