Business Development & Support Division

Digital Marketing Strategy & Branding

I worked with a team that design and implemented the successful digital marketing strategy for several programs administered by Hawaii’s Business Development and Support Division.

Building a digital marketing solution

When I first started working with The State of Hawaii’s, Business Development and Support Division, a part of the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, I knew right away that in the future I would refer to is as just BDSD because the full title is way too long. Anyway, they already had a lot of great content out there to help small businesses, however, they wanted to do better and reach more people.

We started out by designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy, which involved setting goals, creating email marketing campaigns, and setting up analytics to measure our progress and metrics. At first, our goal was to just get a quality list of contacts— people involved in small business in Hawaii — and get them engaged. We measured engagement by analyzing email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates and then tailored our email marketing content based on what our users were most interested in. Most of the marketing campaign content consisted of event announcements, flyers, and program signup forms.

We continually hit our projected marks always came in way above the industry average in the metrics we measured. I created a full analytics report using Google Data Studio that could show MailChimp’s analytics and Google Analytics charts and graphs. This made it easy to show the client the value of the work we were doing together.

I also did the branding for several of BDSD’s programs: Enterprise Zones, HiSTEP, and CBED. I designed the logos and created print and digital marketing materials — including brochures, flyers, and email marketing campaigns — as well as writing web content.

You can find work I did for BDSD on their website.